Our Services

Step into a Pampered Pet Taxi and the first thing that greets you is all the love, attention, and personalized care your fur kid deserves.

Then there are the finer features of the ride itself, like the fact that our vehicle interiors are sanitized daily with Byotrol; a state-of -the-art microbial technology that provides effective protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and algae.

Wherever your pet needs to go (whether the destination is the vet, the groomer, kennel or cattery, to and from the airport or just visiting Mum and Dad), your fur kid will be lapping up a standard of service that is breaking new ground in pet travel and care. It’s standard that spells reliability, safety, comfort and freedom from stress for your pet. A standard that makes sure your pet always arrives happy and contented.

After all, as the saying goes, isn’t the journey just as important as the destination ?

  • Mondays to Saturdays

    Two-way trip : $40 – $80


  • Surcharges

    Sundays & Public Holidays : $15

    Multiple Dogs                        : $5 per extra dog

    Waiting at the veterinary    : $5 per half hour


Pet Sitting
  • Can’t bring your pet along on your next getaway? We offer overnight stays for all pets.  Rates are available upon request.

Disclaimer: Whilst we take all reasonable care to look after your pet when it is in our care and custody, we will not be held liable for any injury or death to your pet or for any damage or loss to you in any way whatsoever. By engaging Pampered Pet Taxi, you acknowledge and agree to this.